Monday, 25 July 2011

Antenatal Depression in pregnancy

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Usually my posts are about the funny side of life or reviewing some great baby products, however, this post is different and talks about a couple of issues in pregnancy. 

I've recently completed an interview with a lovely journalist from and for Mother & Baby magazine talking about antenatal depression as I suffered from this during my recent pregnancy as well as a number of other issues.

I strongly feel that postnatal pregnancy is a widely talked about issue (much more openly confronted than 20-30 years ago) however, antenatal depression is more of a taboo subject and sometimes overlooked or easily missed.

Please take a few minutes to read this article, you may disagree with my opinion, however, if you are having low times in your pregnancy it is important to know you aren't on your own, many women do and some women like me have a lot more lows than highs or even mediums ...just remember you are a remarkable strong woman who will get through this, have faith in yourself and remember you are not alone in your feelings they are as natural as maternal instincts.

Workingmums article can be found following this link.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mammasaurus Poem #1 – Mothers Ruin (aka Thank F*ck it’s Bedtime)

"I've been so lucky to be involved in the Britmum blog swap and also to be partnered with the fabulously funny Mammasaurus.  So read her rioting poem below enjoy and go and visit her, follow her and laugh at her wonderful blogs - Mamasaurus its a pleasure!"

 I shout but no one listens
I call but no one cares
But open up a bag of crisps
And they come bombing down the stairs

 I cook but get no thank you
And iron and hoover too
But open up some biscuits
And they’ll say ‘I love you’

And when their noses snotty
And it’s turned fluorescent green
I’m the lucky bugger
Who gets to wipe them clean
I read 6 stories every night
And then I get some cuddles
But after that I’m back downstairs
Tidying their muddles
It’s a never ending battle

I know I’ll never win
And that’s why every other night
You’ll find me drinking gin :)
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Howdy! I am Mammasaurus, mother or 8, lover of gin.If your children are clean, well mannered perfect angels then you may want to pop a handful of valium and swig a large mouthful of gin as you’ll read of no such kiddies on my blog.
The children there are mainly a happy, imaginative bunch of mischief adoring, mayhem embracing monsters.
If you have ever taken your pre-schoolers along to a play date only to find that while others kids seem to sit quietly playing whilst yours are causing havoc,running about with breadsticks up their noses and generally giving you a mini-migraine in the process then this blog is for you.
For fellow mummies and daddies who have sat in an A&E ward next to your beautiful first born who has a lego mans arm wedged firmly up his nose requiring probable surgical removal – I salute you !

Keep it real – mess happens,accidents happen and patience gets tested but if your children are still smiling then you are doing a good job…

Friday, 15 July 2011

Galt Giant Soft Book Review for Izziwizzi Kids - Video

Hello all,
Excuse that I look a mess on this video (and Melody's drooling) but Melody has just started teething.

This review was done for a great website which features toys and accessories for all ages.  They also host playfest on a Tuesday night (Twitter) and a Thursday night (FB), I'm usually always there on a Thursday as I am still getting used to Twitter, call me oldfashioned but I like FB you can talk in a sentance!

What Iforgot to mention in this review is that the book is fully machine washable and a great pricepoint!

Monday, 4 July 2011

These feet were made for walking


Well weve had a busy few days of farm work as we are preparing for harvest (hence the slow posts on here) plus I have also been working on a bespoke order for christening invites (will be shown on a later blog).

We have also had a new addition to Melody's favourite toys so I thought I would do a little review and write up so you can also see the features and benefits.

Melody is nearly 3 months old and is quite a long baby (shes all legs at the moment, not a bad thing) so we decided to get her a walker, something to keep her amused and also safe in one place while I get on with housework etc.

We have ended up with a Chicco DJ Walker and Melody loves it! Even though she can just touch the floor with her tippitoes she would spend all day in it if she could. (Weve now put a small cushion under her feet so she gets the sensation of being stood up.

As you can see she is enthralled (this was just her first go now shes an expert).

The frame is height adjustable so it grows with your baby and stops the need of repetitive buying.  The seat comes with a removable fabric cover which is machine washable and as the walkers main body is a sturdy plastic its easy to clean with water or disinfectant wipes.

As well as building strength in the legs this walker has many other features with flashing lights when baby touches different parts of the main panel, noisy gearstick, steering wheel and noisy horn.  It also has other buttons which work on two modes animal noises and music. 

The buttons are very reactive to light touches so Melody didn't need to bash her fist on them (like some toys) and when the music feature kicked in she was so excited she made this face

and waved her arms in the air manically (is that a word?).

Now the walker sits in our kitchen (the hub of the cottage) and is used at least twice a day to give her some variety from her playmats.

All in all a great buy and I highly recommend.

Future Reviews: Video review for Izziwizzi Kids on a Galt giant cloth book

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